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Nie Huan
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Nie Huan

PhD associate professor


Research Area:cancer glycomic, metabonomic and chemistrybiology

Assistant Dean of School and the vice director of the Center of Biomedical Basic Research.

His research interest is focused on the cancer glycomic, metabonomic and chemistrybiology. Due to the fact that the change of the glycan and small molecule metabolites are closely related to the occurrence and development of cancer, Dr Nie studies the relation between cancer and the varieties of glycan and metabolites. It is expected to be used in clinical as a noninvasive, rapid, and convenient high-throughput detection method. On the other hand, the research result will offer the target molecule for cancer diagnose and healing to build specific target tracking.

Dr Nie leads some national projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (30700987, 81171945, C050204), forty-fifth Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China(20090451003)Principal Investigator, Development Project of Outstanding Young Teachers in Harbin Institute of Technology Grants for Principal(HITQNJS.2007.026).


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