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We strive to set up inter-disciplinary collaborations with other HIT schools or universities and research institutes all over the world to strengthen us as a Life Science and Biotechnology Research Center and to improve our international competitiveness. Collaborations and joint workshops have been established with several first-rate Universities including the University of Oxford, Moscow University, Texas A&M Health Science Center IBT, and Pohang University of Science and Technology.

We are involved in more than 30 research projects with financial support from the National Science Foundation, the Ministry of the Nation, the Hei long jiang Province, and private companies. We have been awarded several prizes for the results achieved within these projects.

Goal of the School is to become a multi-disciplinary research Center of excellence where outstanding scientific teams play a leading role in basic and applied research in the life sciences. In order to foster research and teaching, our school has been given top priorities for its development and expansion.Over the last 5 years, 60 millions RMB have been provided to build the Central Laboratory Platform. This lab platform is maintained by a team of professional technicians. Its facilities—among which: FT-MS, MALDI-TOF-TO, UPLC/MS/MS, Q-TOF, 600MHz  NMR, FEI –TEM, FEI- SEM, FCM, Live Cell Station, a Confocal and a fluorescence microscope, AFM, an X-ray device. These core facilities are available to all the scientists and students of our school to enhance  inter-disciplinary research.

Our scientists show great enthusiasm for research and teaching. They have set up advanced courses for students and propose innovative ideas in their research fields. Our common aim is to raise our School to the status of an internationally recognized Department for Life Science within the next 6 years.