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Tenure-track Positions at HIT Center for Life Sciences/School of Life Science and Technology, China                                                 

HIT  Center for Life Sciences (HCLS) was founded in 2016. It is a new  strategic development of the university. As the first special academic  zone of HIT, HCLS runs its own graduate program and enjoys unparalleled  freedom in research, personnel employment and financial flexibility  within the university. HCLS aims to be an international competitive  research center for basic life sciences. All research laboratories are  led by Principal Investigators (PIs) under the Tenure-track system. HCLS  plans to recruit about 22 PIs from all over the world in five years.  Candidates with high confidence of doing creative research and strong  ambition of making high-impact discoveries are particularly welcome to  apply.

SLST  at HIT was founded in 2011. SLST has established interdisciplinary  graduate and scientist training programs. Current cutting-edge research  directions at SLST include:Structural biology,  Cancer biology, Developmental biology and Biological information. The  school has also established a complete scientific research support  equipment platform including Image Analysis System, Mass Spectrometric  Analysis System, NMR System Protein Structure and Molecules Interaction  Analysis System, Nucleic Acid Analysis System, Cell culture facilities,  Clean rooms and Animal facilities.


Qualified  candidates must have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent plus postdoctoral  experience, and an excellent record of research accomplishments and  great potentials in biomedical fields. Researchers specialized in  Neurobiology, Microbiology, ImmunologyBiochemistryMolecular biophysical and structural biology, Cancer biology, Nano-biotechnology, Proteomics, Genome engineering, DNA damage and repair, Tissue engineering are particularly encouraged to apply.


SLST/  HCLS provides a very attractive start-up package, internationally  competitive salaries/benefits and newly renovated space. The initial  appointment for PIs will be 5 years, with full funding support from HIT.  Renewal of the appointment will be based on merit and is conditional  upon passing reviews by an international committee.

1) Lab space: ≥150 m2;

2) Start-up fund: 10,000,000 RMB;

3) Salary: ≥450,000 RMB depending on experience and academic accomplishments, full benefits are provided;

4) Free housing or housing subsidies(relocation expenses) depends on PI's choice

5) Guaranteed graduate student quota;

6Service-oriented office organization, including assistance to arranging daycare and school for child.

Application Materials: including  a cover letter, a full CV, publication list, names and contact  information of three referees, and a statement of research plans,  materials should be sent to Prof Zhiwei Huang, Dean of the SLST and  Director of the HCLS, via email: or The selection process will continue until positions are filled.