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Qiong Wu
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Qiong Wu

PhD, Professor
Phone: 86-0451-86403181
Research Area: Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
Lab Home:

Professor Wu, the academic leader of developmental biology discipline, joined the School and Life Science and Technology at Harbin Institute of Technology as a professor and doctoral supervisor in 2006, right after his postdoctoral training at Niigata University. He is a graduate of Niigata University where he made parthenogenetic mice “Kaguya” and found that Igf2-H19 and Dlk1-Gtl2 are vital to the birth of mice. In addition, Dr, Wu has identified several non-coding and coding imprinted RNAs, including Meg8, AB063319 and Qpct. These non-coding RNAs were further studied to uncover their function in embryogenesis, specifically, by spatio and temporal expression by RT-PCR and ISH technology.

Dr. Wu is now a fulltime professor and an assistance dean in charge of scientific research since 2011. And he is also the secretary general of Heilongjiang province society for cell biology. His research interest is to understand the underlying mechanism how non-coding RNAs including miRNAs and lncRNAs regulate embryogenesis. To uncover the potential mechanism, Wu has focused on gene imprinting and epigenetics in mice since Ph. D. He has published over 30 SCI indexed research papers on Developmental biology and Epigenetics in Journal of Molecular Histology, Journal of Reproduction and Development, Nucleic Acids Research, Nature, Nature Biotechnology (Top journal), Scientific Reports, etc.

His lab is growing rapidly, in terms of funds, involving a total of 17 projects and 3.2 million yuan. The lab is equipped with cutting-edge instruments, supporting high-level molecular biology researches. In next years, the lab is planning to do a lot of work on interdisciplinary researches, such as non-coding RNA predictions, imprinting gene predictions and influences of environmental factors such as estrogen upon embryonic development. Given the new situation of rapid life science development, the lab has been prepared to develop into a lab with international influence.

KEY PUBLICATIONS: (* corresponding author)

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