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Ximing Guo
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Ximing Guo

PhD, Associate Professor

Phone: 86-0451-8412863


Research Area: Nanobiotenology, Photochemistry and Photobiology and biomimetic materials

Dr. Ximing Guo is currently an associated professor of School of Life Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology (China). He majored in inorganic chemistry jilin University (China) and obtained her doctor's degree in 2006. In July 2006 he joined the School and Life Science and Technology at Harbin Institute of Technology as Lecture. He started to work as a postdoctoral researcher at School of Materials Science and Engineer of Harbin Institute of Technology in 2008.

Research Description
We use multi-disciplinary approaches including chemistry, materials, medicines and biology in our studies. Our research interests focus on Design and synthesis of novel drug carrier Design and synthesis of porphyrin derivative photosensitizer Design and preparation of the biomembrane materials


Papers Accepted in Research Journals:

  1. Absorption of 10-Hydroxycamptothecin on Fe3O4 Magnetite Nanoparticles with Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly and Drug Release Response
    Guo ximing, Guo bin,Zhang qingyuan,Sun xuemei
    Dalton Transactions, 2011, 40, 3039-3046

  2. Preparation of Novel Silica Nanoparticles with Controllable Fluorescence Intensity from Porphyrin-Bridged Silsesquioxan
    Ximing guo, Bin Guo, Xuemei Sun, Qingyuan Zhang
    Chin. J. Chem. 2011, 29, 363—368

  3. The Photochemical and Electrochemical Properties of Chiral Porphyrin Dimer and Self-Aggregate Nanorods of Cobalt(II) Porphyrin Dimer
    Xi ming Guo, Bin Guo, Tongshun Shi
    Inorganica Chimica Acta 2010, 363, 317-323

  4. Photodamage of mesotetraphenylporphyrin under one- and two-photon excitation Ya-nan Wen Yu-qiang Liu Zhen-ling Yang Yan-qiang Yang, Xi-ming Guo
    Journal of applied physics 2010, 108, 044701-1-4

  5. Effect of solvent influence on J-aggregate of tetra-p-hydroxyphenylporphyrin (THPP) under different pH
    Guo ximing
    Journal of Molecular Structure, 2008, 892, 378

  6. Prepared Chiral Nanorods of Co(II) porphyrin Dimer and Studied Changes of UV-VIS and CD Spectrum with Aggregate Morphologies Under Different Temperature
    Xi ming Guo, Chang Jiang, Tongshun Shi
    Inorganic chemistry 2007, 46, 4766~4768

  7. Preparation and Characterization of the Self-aggregate Dimer of meso-p-Hydroxy phenyl-porphyrin and Studied on the Self–aggregate Reaction Mechanism
    Ximing Guo Tongshun Shi
    Journal of molecular structure, 2006, 789, 8~17

  8. Synthesis and Characterization of L-glutamic acid Bridged Porphyrin Dimers and study on CD spectrum
    Guo ximing, Su lianjiang, Yu lianxiang, Shi tongshun
    Chemical journal of Chinese universities, 2006, 27, 410~413

  9. Synthesis of the p-hydroxylphenylporphyrin arrays and their fluorescence spectrum study Guo Ximing, Shi yuhua, Zhang Yihua, Yu Lianxiang, Shi Tongshun,
    Chin.J.Org.Chem 2006, 26, 247~251

  10. Preparation and Characterization of the Porphyrin Dimer and Copper Complexes by the Bridge of L-glutamic Acid and Studied on their Properties
    Guo ximing Shi tongshun
    Acta Chimica Sinica 2006, 64, 1218~1222


Conference papers
The design and synthesis of the novel photosensitive drugs in the photodynamic therapy of tumor
Guo ximing Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine, 2008, 10, 446-451
Preparation of Magnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Mesoporous Silica Spheres and the Application in Drug Targeting
Guo ximing The Fifth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research Symposium, USA, 2009.


Patent for Invention

  1. X .M. Guo, Y.H. Chen and B. Guo, Method for preparation of porphyrin and antitumor drug dimer and antitumor activities., china Patent

  2. X .M. Guo, X. Bo and B. Guo, Method for the preparation of the targeted gold nanorods and porphyrin composited nanoparicles , china Patent

  3. X.M. Guo, B. Guo and X. Bo Method for the design and preparation of a novel multifunctional nano drug-carrier system, china Patent