Biomedical Information Technology
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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science, which focuses on the management and analysis of biological big data based on information technology. The research fields in the Bioinformatics lab include:

(1) Cancer epigenetics:  proposing bioinformatics methods to integrate and analyze the high-throughput omics data and clinical data, decipher the mechanisms of transcriptional and epigenetic regulation during the development and progression of disease such as cancer, and identify the cancer-related genes, diagnosis and prognosis.

(2) R&D of an integrative platform for lncRNAs: developing bioinformatics method to explore the transcriptional regulation and functional annotation of lncRNAs, and predict the disease-associated lncRNAs. Constructing an integrative platform consist of database, knowledgebase and online analyzing tools for facilitating the genome-wide research on the transcription regulation and function of lncRNAs.

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