Tissue Engineering and Biomedical materials
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Research Direction 1: The Injectable Bioactive Hydrogel for Tumor Reversion

The embryonic microenvironment has the potential to reverse the malignancy state of tumors. In present study a novel injectable hydrogel recapitulating embryonic microenvironment was developed to restore the normal niche of tumor and thereby, reverse cancer development.

Research Direction 2: Myocardial injury repair

Myocardial infarction (MI) is considered as a major cardiovascular disease and constituted a major factor contributing to non-natural mortality worldwide in 2013. MI mainly results in the loss of cardiomyocytes. Dedifferentiation and proliferation of endogenous cardiomyocytes in situ can effectively improve cardiac repair after MI. To achieve this target, A novel hydrogel delivery system was developed to deliver the drug specifically to the site of MI area to selectively enhance the proliferation of resident cardiac cells, resulting in enhanced heart function recovery.

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Research Direction 3: central nervous system injury repair

Neural stem cells (NSCs) hold great promise for central nervous system injury repair. However, controlling their differentiation to functional neuron is challenging. In present study, we developed a novel injectable hydrogel encapsulated with TWS119 to guide the differentiation of NSCs into neurons. And wedevelop the smart hydrogel for neural stem cell differentiation.