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President Yu Zhou visited the School of Life Science and Technology and checked the works of the Life Center
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14th October,  2016, president Yu Zhou, vice-president Shi An and Dianguo Xu, and  other leaders from undergraduate college, department of science and  technology, department of engineering, department of personnel,  department of national fund and other departments, visited the School of  Life Science and Technology, and supervised and checked the works of  the Life CenterConstruction. Dean of school Zhiwei Huang and chief of party secretary of school Yu Liattended the meeting.

Firstly,  professor Huang reported the running conditions of the young scientist  studio in the last two years, and expressed the gratitude for policy and  funding of the university, and the relaxed atmosphere of the young  scientists developments. Secondly, professor Huang introduced the  construction progress of the Life Center, reported and advised the  issues of the personnel system and the development space during the  development of the new situation and new system. President Zhou made the  arrangements then and there.