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"How to establish effective communication between teachers and students"——Psychological Salon of Supervisors of the School of Life Science and Technology
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For  establishing a better communication between teachers and students,  reducing unnecessary communication barriers between teachers and  students, enhancing the communication efficiency of teachers and  students, and achieving the efficient scientific research and education,  the school of life science and technology invited Yuemei Zhu, the chief  of the Counseling Center of Harbin Institute of Technology, and carried  out a theme of how to build effective communication psychological  salon.

By  playing games with self, objects, and situation which are three major  elements in communication, Ms. Zhu lead all teachers understand five  communication models between five kinds of people, such as blaming type,  begging type, super rational type and so on, and guide all teachers to  learn and use the consistent communication frequently, finally achieve  the communication effect of You are good, and I am also good! Meanwhile,  Ms. Zhu also shared some communication skills by some cases of the  presence teachers.

With the guidance of Ms. Zhu and the cooperation of all teachers, the Psychological Salon achieved complete success.